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Letters of recommendation in minutes not hours

Faculty, Staff, and Coaches configure letters in the “Configuration UI”. Both traditional rules and artificial intelligence guide them through the 1-2-3 step process. Once they have selected and entered all they wish to include (even paste-in a ‘brag sheet’), AI generates high-quality draft wording that can be reviewed and edited, ultimately helping write the perfect LOR.

Step 1

Enter student and college information

Personalized, effective letters help your students stand out and shine among other applicants. As simple as using their less formal or ‘goes by’ name allows you to set the scene and tell their story within the narrative of your letter of recommendation.

Step 2

Write the letter body

Be sure to put your ‘stamp’ on the letter. Be authentic. Your style, your observations, and your stories about the student are critical components.

Choose paragraph or bullet formatting and then the details to include. Details range from character traits to honors & awards to challenges overcome to freeform entry and much more. Alternatively, jump-start your letter creation by pasting-in a student ‘brag sheet’ or resume.

Now, the magic. Let AI generate your draft wording. Remember, as the letter writer, you’re in control. Review and edit the wording to your liking.

Step 3

Save & build your LOR

When you’re happy with the letter wording, select the Save & Build button for the perfect letter of recommendation on your school letterhead.

Need to make a change? Simply edit and rebuild your letter to see the update.

Want to share? Download your letter or send your letter in an email from within School LOR software.

Multiple pricing tiers

Our pricing structure accommodates both individual users and entire high schools.

About our company

School LOR is a product of AI Docs, Inc. located in the Chicago area.

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